Netdania Charts

The Netdania Chart Station also known as the Netdania Powercharts Station is a licensed tool provided by leading forex charts provider Netdania.com to markets247.com. The Powerchart Station is a powerful tool which will aid investors by providing them live updated forex and commodity charts for more than 25 trading instruments which can be viewed in separate workspaces and can be detached from the actual screen above and dragged to the screen they wish. The Netdania Powerchart station operated in Java which will not underflow on the trading platform of the forex broker you use and can therefore be combined and added as a visual aid to your day to day trading.

You have the opportunity to select between a range of chart types including Candlestick Charts, BAROHLC Charts, Line Charts, Heikin Ashi Charts, Dot Charts, Line Dot Charts, Forest Charts and BARHLC charts which can be selected to be viewed on a timeframe of between 1 minute and monthly basis going all the way up to 40 years behind therefore allowing you to derive valuable data for your technical analysis or the FOREX EA which you use for online trading with the MT4.

The Netdania Powechart Station can be detached and maximized to full screen mode by simply clicking on the pin at the right top corner of your screen above the actual powerchart. Additionally with the Netdania Powercharts you can select to add various study parameters to the currency pair of your choice in the time range of your choice in order to derive the valuable information you need to conclude with your technical analysis.

As technical analysis focuses on the study of price movements; historical currency data which can be derived the Netdania Powercharts can be used to forecast the direction of future prices. The premise of technical analysis is that all current market information is already reflected in the price of that currency hence studying price action is all that is required to make informed trading decision.

In Technical Analysis traders utilize historical and real-time price charts together with various indicators which are supported by the Netdania Chart Station to identify entry and exit points to their trades.

Due to the nature of the Forex Market, price movements tend to be more conventional and tend to stick to typical technical analysis patterns. Thus, due to the Forex Market's close correlation to typical technical analysis chart patterns it is a simpler market to trade. A trader who is able to identify trends in their earliest stage of development holds the key to technical analysis. If you may need help using the Netdania Powerchart Station please contact live support or email us for further help.